Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Class 1 Assignment

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10 images representing 10 different words.

I chose this picture because its something that I believe represents power and because this wouldn't be the first thing people associate with the word. Yoga is very soothing and healthy for the body but it takes a lot of inner strength, power to be able to move your body a certain way.

Photo By: Josh Maready

 The title of this photo is Attractive Repulsive and that's why I chose this. It's not too pleasant to look at and if someone saw this woman walking down the street people would probably stay at a distance or avert their eyes, yet at the same time this photo is very capturing.

Photo via Hannah German


I chose this photo because I like the use of de-saturating the image so that the colors blend, and it has a "beach-like" look. 

Photographer Unkown via Tumblr

 I chose this picture because when hearing the word shape, my mind instantly thought of a form or figure of some kind. These lights are geometric and take form; shape.

Photographer Unkown via Commute Home  
I chose this photo because to this empty hallway and this single chair represent loneliness, which I'd associate with Isolation. The chair is isolated from the rest.

Photo By: Wyetha Lipford via Flickr

I chose this photo not only because of the fact that the statue is made of rocks and stones which has a hard texture, but also because the position of the stone man reminds me of someone having a hard time, and the hardships people get bent up over.

Photo By :~Yuna~ via Flickr 

 I chose this photo because I like how the soft blue colors blend together. And also the softening effect on the picture, not to mention that ruffle dress is probably pretty soft.

Photographer Unknown via Alfreda Prey 

 I chose this photo because lots of architecture--like this one--are made up of exactly the same parts on each side or either face each other. 

Photographer Unknown via Tumblr

I chose this photo because the seeds from the strawberries are very vibrant in the photo and have this grainy appearance that I can almost feel by looking at it. 

Photo By: Wyetha Lipford via Flickr

 I chose this photo because the patterns on the chair and from the wallpaper are different and the colors stand out well against one another.

Photo By: Michael Partenio


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