Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Self Portrait


I decided to take this photo because I'm always facing towards the camera and always smiling so I wanted to do the opposite for this portrait. I used curve adjustments did a cross process (RGB) which really enhanced the colors in the photo, making the green and red very rich giving it a nice contrast. I then used a tilt shift blur which allowed me to pick center spot--wherever I wanted that to be--and distort and twist everything around that point which remains clear while everything else shifts/blurs.

A lot of my most personal objects that represent me are in my room. I have this collage (and two others) I started making my freshmen year at my previous school. The collage is made up of old class assignments, letters, photos, pamphlets from events that I attended, written jokes and cut out calendar dates. All of this marks some of my best memories. I also cut out a picture I took in NY of a marquee (on Broadway) at the theater where my favorite musical used to play. The show happened to be ending on my birthday so I thought that would be a perfect final touch of my collage of me.

For this, I turned the saturation way up to really enhance the color in the photo, then I slid the hue to this purple/pink-ish color so that the entire photo would have this tint. I then used a filter to diffuse the picture. The other effect used was a movie camera lens flare to reflect off of the picture within the picture.

I wanted this photo to represent the budding actress in me. Here I have what I believe to be my most important roles I've played so far. The main photograph is a photo I took of a show I directed (Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None). The Capulet was taken from a picture of me wearing my Capulet T shirt from a role I played in Romeo & Juliet--I just cropped out the letters and pasted them onto the main photo. To the left is another one of my characters from The Fiddler on The Roof and towards the front is my greatest accomplishment thus far--AU's Glengarry Glen Ross. 

I used a color balance to cool the picture by adding more of a blue tint to it. I liquified some of the faces of my cast by distorting their height, shifting their bodies around, bloating and puckering their faces. I also made the adjustment for the Glengarry photo to make it B&W, then I used the color balance again to match it with the background photo.


  1. Thank you for your kind comment! I'm happy I found you blog. I am interested in photography but haven't done much about that. You've earned yourself a new follower because I think this is interesting! What do you mean you did a cross process (RGB)? Is this difficult to do?



    1. Hey Erin, Thanks so much for your comment!
      A Cross Process was something I did in photoshop. As a matter of fact, all of these photos I edited in photoshop. The cross process was done by clicking a button really. All it does is enhance the colors so the red and the green contrast well. The blur you see in the photo was another effect I did separately.


  2. cool blog man!