Saturday, December 15, 2012

Painting to Life: "All Wound Up"

In my painting to life assignment, I chose the painting "All Wound Up" by Arleigh Schwarz. In the video, I'm working on a crochet project (a scarf) in my apartment. While I'm working on the scarf, I don't notice it being dragged away by my cat. As I get to the end of the yarn and reach down to grab a new ball I realize it's gone so I put the camera on my feet as I search through the house. I cross paths with my mom then get on the floor to check in the box (maybe I misplaced it) where all my yarn is. I see my cat so I go towards her and she just sniffs me. There is still no yarn in sight. 

I go to my bookshelf to really think about where it could of gone. There are these cat figurines (two of them salt and pepper shakers) sitting there right near my hand. While staring at the black & white cat figurines I get an idea--I may know where my yarn has disappeared to. So I continue my search through my living room to find my second cat. Low and behold, there he is playing with my ball of red yarn. 

This isn't every single type of angle/shot seen in my video, these are just some to show I meet the requirements for the assignment.

  • 0:01-0:21 Pan upper to lower right
  • 0:24 Tilt down, 0:31 Tilt up
  • 0:46 CU
  • 0:52 WS
  • 1:11 P.O.V
  • 2:31 Dolly in/Truck left
  • 2:56 Dolly in
  • 3:00 EC
  • 3:09 OSS
  • 3:19 MCU

    1. This is so fun and interesting! I enjoy each of your new projects. I assume they are for a class? Keep up the great work.

      Also, thank you for all your kind and specific comments. You made my day!


    2. cats are so silly! glad you solved the mystery on what happened to your red ball of yarn! xoxo Yuli