Monday, October 15, 2012

Visual Review 6: Target '11 Christmas

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I chose this because it's one of the very few commercials that I can remember that made me laugh. Whenever you mention "Crazy Target Lady", everyone knows who you're talking about. This video is very basic. It doesn't have a lot of camera movement nor does it rely on to many effects, or various types of camera shots/angles for comic relief . This commercial alone relies on the actor to really sell Target.

It reminds me of when we were talking about the Some Like it Hot train car scene. It's obvious that this wasn't shot in an actual Target store because in order to physically see her go down the card isle, you would have to knock the isle down. For most of the duration of the commercial the camera trucks from left to right with her as the woman travels down the isle. There are medium close-ups as we see her singing into the audio cards and recording her voice. This camera shot is effective for showing her facial expressions which gives comedic relief.

The camera cuts between medium close up shots of the woman, and as she sits the card down on the isle the camera shows us a close up of the card she puts down. As she finishes her Christmas jingle, we are given a long shot (not wide--probably to create the illusion of being in Target with long, narrow isles) as she pushes her cart off and exits.

The color choices are good, in that they reflect the setting of the store. Her bright red dress fits her enthusiastic-Christmas-spirited character and contrasts well with the surroundings of the store. This season works with Target well as it not only promotes the Christmas holiday but their corporation--associating it with the red color. I think this commercial is clear in promoting the product and selling it, the point comes across clearly, it’s not too long and we establish this character that we see again in future commercials.


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